Harmonious Home

March 7, 2010

Harmonious Home Harmonious Home

To live in a harmonious home means achieving aesthetic balance and promoting a sense of purpose reflective of people’s desires, interests and goals. Each home should be different just as the personality of every occupant is different, and yet the pleasant sense of harmony should feel the same.

  • The sense of harmony starts with the neighborhood. Does the architecture of the house fit in well with the homes around it? Does the color of the house fit the climate of the geographical area? Does the landscape complement the house and the surrounding area? We had a huge willow tree in our backyard that perfectly shaded our patio and made it delightful on hot summer afternoons. We had to cut the old willow after it was hit by lightning and I still miss its shady branches.
  • Different rooms of your home should have a similar style and look like they belong together. The shock of mixing disparate styles is not comforting or pleasant. When rooms are in harmony, they compliment each other and the house feels spacious and at peace with itself. Everything in our lake cottage is a hand me down. But maybe because of the very fact that it is a mix of old and well-used pieces, the place feels relaxing and soothing.
  • Furniture should promote the harmonious feeling of a home. Does the furniture suit the purpose of the room it’s in and the lifestyle of the family? Or does it hinder the intended activity? Does the Chloe (LS103DA) Multi Colored Fabric Sectional Sofa that you brought at the clearance sale lend the aesthetic vibe that you were looking for? If the light by your reading chair is not bright enough, it does not live up the the purpose it was meant to serve. On the other hand, a dining room table can have more than one purpose. In my house, it is used for family dinners, as a crafts station, and as a quiet homework station for my children.
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