Bridget’s Hard Summer

August 11, 2011

Love, hugs and best wishes to Bridget!

Love, hugs and best wishes to Bridget!

I have written about Bridget Spence a number of times.

This lovely, thoughtful and boundlessly optimistic young woman has awed me with her courage and tenacity.

Seven years ago, at age twenty one, Bridget was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. She has gone through many ups and downs since then.

But she has lived her life with grace and enthusiasm, bringing wisdom and joy to her family, friends and the many readers who follow her blog, My Big Girl Pants.

This has been a difficult summer for Bridget.

Her cancer has grown.

She is still fighting as hard as she can, but she is worried. And she is asking for our help.

This is how Bridget ended her latest blog post:

“… Even though I hoped and prayed and hid from reality for the past two months, I now must admit: the Bridget Show continues. I just hope that this past year of my blogging has opened your eyes to the roller coaster that is Life With Breast Cancer. I hope that my blog has made you understand why the world needs more pink. I hope you realize that, contrary to popular opinion, this battle for a cure is far from over.”

“Every 69 seconds someone in the world dies from breast cancer.”

“That needs to end….now. I don’t want to add my life to that statistic, but I can’t help but wonder, when will my 69 seconds come around?”

Best wishes to young Bridget from us all!

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