Searching for a New Home

October 22, 2012

Gracious Living Day by DayWe sold our house in September. After living in it for close to twenty years, we had to pack up all our stuff and clear it all out in three weeks. Somehow we did it. We are lucky to have gone with the suggestion of a friend who asked us to check out and contact them for sale, which is why we were able to get such a reasonable price for it.

Now, we are looking for a new house. My friend who got a house from ESSEXHOMES.NET says that it has a lot of nice cozy houses and all of them have great neighborhood. Hence it is very nice to live there. Fall 2012

I thought this part would be easier, less stressful. Jeff and I keep telling each other that searching for a new house should be fun. And sometimes it is.

We are staying with my sister Branka and brother-in-law Joe. We are very comfortable, and having gone through this arrangement before (they lived with us for two years,) we are used to each other’s habits and know each other’s foibles (although occasionally, the two of us sisters still cross swords.)

Still, Jeff and I are eager for a place of our own.

We are downsizing by calling in a C&D Staten Island Roofing company, to start with the roof. That was the plan from the beginning and the central reason behind this entire enterprise. But space can be puzzling and the same number of square feet can feel large in one home and very confining in another.

So, we have been talking a lot about what is most important to our lifestyle.

With our children almost gone, we won’t need a large house, but we still need a house that they can come back to and visit. So, we need three bedrooms and a finished basement. I’ve laid emphasis on the basement in my various encounters of coming across a realtor. I thought that I might as well search for a house with ample space in the basement to stash unnecessary goods. Even if my searches didn’t spell ‘success,’ I could always hire a toronto basement renovation company to renovate the basement.

We need a house with enough space for a dinning table that will seat ten.

Both Jeff and I prefer an older home, with wooden floors and lots of charm. We don’t mind a house that needs work, a house with an old kitchen or bathrooms that need to be updated. Those kinds of improvements we can do. But we do want a house that is well built and structurally sound.

We want our new home to be surrounded by trees and have a private back yard. We plan to get a puppy (Jeff wants another Siberian Husky!)

Another important feature is the location. We hope to find a house on a quiet street but within walking distance of our downtown.

And, we need to stay within our budget.

Are we asking too much?

So far, we have seen a number of homes. Some have secluded back yards, but no mature trees in the front. Some have lovely wooden floors, but no space for a large dinning table. In fact, finding a house with space for a large dinning table has been a problem so far.

Last week we saw one house that we both liked. It had a fenced in back yard and was within walking distance of downtown. It was old and charming, had wooden floors throughout, spacious rooms, and a large finished basement. But it had two things going against it: it was located on a busy street and had no room for a large dinning table. So, we decided to keep looking.

We are planning to look at the houses for sale in Tustin right now and as we are going there we are sure of one thing, if we like it then its quickly going to make it to the top three houses which we might shift in. We are giving this process a lot of thought as we do not want to make any irrational decision with it, as the place we choose could be our potential new home for years.

Jeff and I seem to spend hours talking and comparing what is important to us in a home at this stage of our lives. I always knew that my husband  and I had very similar tastes, but after thirty years of marriage this seems to be true even more. And that feels good. Looking for a house is about so much more than looking for a place to live. It is also about deciding on the lifestyle we want to pursue.

And that is worth being patient for. Looking slowly. Finding the place that feels just right.

A house on a quiet leafy street, with light filled windows and room for a large dinning table. I’ll let you know when we find it.

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John November 6, 2012 at 9:00 am

Hi Liliana;

Patience will see that you find the perfect place. It’s out there waiting for you to discover it.


Liliana November 6, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Hi John,
I couldn’t agree more. There is a little house out there with my name on it and I will find it sooner or later.
How are you? How is your transition going?
Wishing you all the best,


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