Full House

November 29, 2012

Gracious Living Day by DayMy sister’s house, the same house my family and I have been living in for the past two months, was overflowing during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Children came from far and wide: Nikki from Illinois, Sasha from Ohio, Nena from Alabama. Grandparents flew in from Florida. Girlfriends, friends and cousins came to dinner or just to see the travelers.

Together with the current occupants, there were frequently fifteen of us at the dinner table.

A quiet dinner at the Holtzman household                                         A quiet dinner at the Holtzman household

Sometimes it got noisy and a bit crazy. The kids were so delighted to see each other after a long separation, they got excited. They talked loudly. They laughed and teased each other. They held impromptu wrestling matches.

Kaya, usually the craziest one in the family, knew that she was outmaneuvered. She camouflaged herself in her hideout under the lamp table in the living room. Protected in her corner, she was still in the middle of action.

Kaya in her hideout                                          Kaya in her hideout

There were quiet moments too. People found tranquil corners to read, or talk or play chess.

Three generations of chess players                                                   Three generations of chess players

Together, we cooked, and baked and made wonderful meals.

Together, we went to see the new Lincoln movie.

Together, we traveled to Lake Michigan and Flint and Chicago to see friends and relatives.

Now, with Thanksgiving over, there are six inhabitants (plus Kaya) left in the house. If feels strangely empty and quiet.

Last night, only four of us sat down to dinner of beef stew, salad and freshly baked bread. That was very nice too.

But the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. We are getting the house ready.

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Benji November 29, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Delightful post and family (i think Kaya is my hands down favorite). It Sounds as if a good was had by all.


Liliana November 29, 2012 at 2:24 pm

Kaya is everyone’s favorite!


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