In Like a Lion

February 27, 2013

Gracious Living Day by DayWe had a fierce snowstorm in our part of Michigan yesterday, but with March around the corner, its fury has lost some of its bite. We all know that winter is in retreat and no storm can deceive us into believing otherwise.

Still, February was not ready to capitulate without a fight.

snowstorm in Micigan Outside our window

Right after lunch the wind picked up, the temperatures plunged and big icy rain drops belly-flopped from the sky. In early afternoon the rain changed to ice and covered the roads, the trees and everything in its path with a thin, sleek, shimmering veneer.

By early evening, the snow started falling and big, fat, heavy snow flakes dripping with water covered the icy surface.

I worried about my family. Sam was at school, Jeff, Branka and Joe at work. All of them had to drive home through the hazardous weather and I knew that the roads would be treacherous.

Sam cam home first before the temperatures plunged to dangerous lows. Jeff came next and it took him a lot longer to make his usual ten minute commute.

Hours later Joe and Branka arrived together, shaking off the snow and ice from their hair, flustered and unnerved from the stress of the ride home. It took Joe more than double the time to make his forty minute commute and Branka almost an hour to travel the road that is usually an easy ten minute ride.

As we poured glasses of wine and sat around the table to a late dinner of baked fish, baked potatoes, fresh spring asparagus and a mixed salad, I felt nothing but gratitude in my heart. I knew there must be many stranded travelers out there and I wished them well.  But with the wind howling outside, I realized with fresh intensity the protective love I feel for my family.

And then, taking a sip of wine, I reminded myself to relax a bit. March is just around the corner.

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