Flaika at the Window

April 12, 2014

FlaikaGracious Living Day by DayMy daughter Nena is a graduate student in Tuscaloosa, AL. This is Flaika, her cockapoo puppy, and her faithful companion.

Nena and Flaika are coming back home to Michigan in a couple of weeks to spend the summer here. I can’t wait. Nena reproaches me for looking forward to seeing Flaika more than I am of seeing her, my only daughter, but I pretend that isn’t true.

In Tuscaloosa, while Nena is busy studying, writing her stories and grading her student’s papers, Flaika spends hours looking through the living room window at the antics of their neighbors. Nena calls her the little mayor. It can get very hot when the sun is shinning straight at that window but Flaika is committed to her post.

I am already setting up a spot for Flaika by our dinning room window. What fun she’ll have looking at the back yard and all that goes on there: the birds at the bird feeder, the shenanigans of baby squirrels, the chipmunks, the woodchuck.

I can’t wait. And I’ll be very happy to see my only daughter as well.

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